Structural Dynamics Laboratory for Verification and Validation

The Structural Dynamics Laboratory for Verification and Validation (LVV) is a major new acoustics and vibration testing facility funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the University of Sheffield. It is a world-leading research facility for the testing of large engineering structures under realistic environmental and dynamic conditions, helping to validate the computer simulation models used in the engineering design process. The facility provides a unique research offering to both academia and industry. Capitalising upon the University's globally recognised expertise in this field, the LVV facilitates the development of V&V technology for models of components and full structures under representative operating conditions.



GOM develops optical measuring systems for applications like 3D digitising, 3D coordinate measurements and strain measurements. GOM systems are used for product development, quality assurance and material or component testing.

The GOM ATOS 3D scanner is developed for the reverse engineering and dimensional control of components. Fast and accurate, GOM scans are now an established way of reducing product development times and ensuring highest quality components.

GOM ARAMIS is a 3D Digital Image Correlation system, for full field and point based analysis. By capturing surface strain and displacement measurements over large areas comprehensive results can provide validation for finite element simulations.

Key dates

  • Revision of proceedings (committee)
    Early September 2018
  • Early registration deadline:
    5 June 2018
  • Registration deadline:
    26 June 2018

More information

Authors of accepted abstracts will have the option to publish their papers in IOP Publishing’s Journal of Physics: Conference Series and/or in the special edition Advances in Computational Stress and Vibration Analysis, of the European Journal of Computational Mechanics (EJCM).